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Last year, Sonar was the perfect illustration of a company that needed my help. They'd developed an incredible, pioneering SaaS product. It was brand new. Incredibly niche. And near-impossible to describe – let alone sell – in a succinct, engaging way.

 I knew what I had to do.


First: collaboration with Sonar's intensely-knowledgeable team would be essential. I wanted to know their product inside-out before getting started. That way I could be sure we were getting the most from the copy, by putting the focus in all the right areas.


Second: I had to really simplify their offering. To get to the heart not just of what they do, but how they offer clients value.

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 15.08.48.png

Selling the company, as well as the product

Sonar have a stunning product, but that's not all. Premium brands today know they have to offer more. They have to be an attractive company, too. That means selling Sonar, as well as their software.

So I shone a light on the company culture, and told a story about why they do what they do. We actually ended up dedicating an entire page to The Sonar Way – a set of business principles that sets them apart from other providers.

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 15.11.52.png

Working with designers

If you've ever built a website, you'll know it's a complicated process – with input coming in from a million different people. Experience can take the sting out of this.

From the copy perspective, it's a matter of knowing the right moments to collaborate with the design team.


Sometimes this means testing copy across different designs, to make sure it's equally happy in various responsive formats (see above). Sometimes it's a matter of getting in early, and working on the site navigation to make sure visitors are able to find their way around your key messaging areas (see below).

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 15.07.45.png

Copy that aligns with business goals

Going straight for the sale is great, but there's more than one way to skin a cat. Sometimes it's important that sales copy is also aligned with business goals – setting its sights on longer-term ambitions.

For Sonar, their customer value lies in the long-term. Their entire business model is based on regular subscription fees, and aiding their customers' growth. So the copy had to match that.

Accordingly, I placed an emphasis on building trust rather than pushing for a hard sell. We also wanted to show that the Sonar is team is likeable, as well as capable. So we had a little fun with the tone along the way.

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 15.49.23.png
Sonar Home Copy 2.png
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