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My work falls into two categories.

Take your pick.



 Brand voice work 

A one-off investment that translates your brand into voice. I'll consult on your current brand and offering, then build you a voice to match.


Through instructive documentation and dialogue, the aim is not only to build a voice but also to help you use it.


I like to think it's all about empowerment.


 On-brand copywriting 


For those seeking something more hands-on, I'll craft your company copy from the ground up.


My focus is usually on website copy, but I'm also happy to take on ads, straplines, and other written comms.

The aim is to bring consistency to all your channels, and bolster your brand at the same time.


Tone of voice work is flexible. Depending on the scope of your existing brand work, packages will cost in the region of £1,500-£3,000.

Website copy typically falls around £5,000. This includes consultation, copy creation, and several rounds of edits, based on an average-sized site.

The two services also work hand-in-hand.

Partnering with the good guys

Copy is just one part of a bigger picture.

For everything else, I'm partnered with a Brighton-based creative agency: Built by Buffalo.

As well as the hippest website designs and builds, they can help with visual brand components like logos, illustrations, and typefaces.

If you're interested, I'll make an introduction.

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