Million-pound properties on Dubai's famous palm. It's not often you get the chance to sell something like this.

For this project, I worked closely with a London marketing company to align copy with their stunning visuals. The copy had to match the exclusivity and prestige of a the product offering, and the tone had to suit the publications in which the ads would feature.

The final ads were printed in The Financial Times, Al Bayan, and The Economist, and were translated into several languages. 

Headlines do the heavy lifting

I had free rein to make an impact, but the space was limited. This meant the copy had to work hard, and not waste a single syllable. A familiar challenge for a writer.


Sure, the ads were designed to occupy a large print space but the images were going to take centre stage, leaving relatively little room for the copy. This meant the headlines had to be strong.


Over a somewhat intense period, I created a shortlist of hard-hitters for each image and publication. The designers dropped the copy into the visuals and, between the marketing team and myself, we picked out the favourites. Copywriting is often a team sport.

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