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Infrata's sector is, by their own admission, a little dry.


Think railways, risk assessment, due diligence. Like a rollercoaster, but without all the fun bits. Jokes aside, it's high-stakes stuff with real-world implications.


That meant I had a clear job to do with the copy.


It had to be engaging, yet compliant. It had to be bold, while positioning the client as a safe pair of hands.


Good copywriting is all about finding balance.

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Providing Clarity


Infrata has a complex service offering. I didn't want to dodge that, but I did want to make it more accessible. The challenge was to be thorough, without providing info readers didn't need. Working from a colossal amount of source text, this really started out as an editing job.

The resulting service copy is succinct. It tells the readers exactly what Infrata do, nothing more.

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Showcasing Value


Readers want to know more than simply what? They want to know why they should part with their hard-earned cash. To that end, we've got to show value – to demonstrate how exactly a company is going to help, and what qualifies them to do so. This is particularly important for companies like Infrata, whose invoices sit on the heavier end of the scales.

Often the quickest route to finding value lies in speaking with previous or existing customers. We can tell their story with testimonials and case studies – then point to that longer-form copy using more succinct references that sit within the short-form website text.

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Knowing Your Audience


For copywriters, audience is king.


We want to know who we're talking to at all times. With Infrata, this was a challenge because they've got truly global reach.

We thought it best to be direct wherever possible. That meant creating multiple versions of the central pages, translating our copy into Spanish, French, and Russian.

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Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 12.30.25.png
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A Beautiful Friendship

Their website has been such a success, Infrata asked me to hang around. I now do regular work on all their news content, and help out ad-hoc with other written materials to help bring a little zip and zing wherever needed.

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