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Explore these recent copy stories to find out more about what I do, and why it makes such a difference for my clients...

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Synova Capital

Website copy

Bringing a more personal approach to the world of private equity.

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Website Copy

Demystifying the complex world of DevOps, Kubernetes, and one-off SaaS.

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Oil Sands

Book editing

Using copy to provide narrative to this powerful documentary photography project.

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Royal Atlantis

Print Ads

Impactful headlines and succinct body copy that drives sales for this superlative real estate.

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CPJ Field

Brand Voice

Finding written balance in the world of funeral services.

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Sonar Software

Website copy

Making sense of SaaS for this fast-growing Canadian start-up.

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Website copy

This website helped establish Infrata as a world-leader in infrastrucutre investment.

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